Branding Division

MacGregor Schoolwear is part of MacGregor Industrial Supplies Ltd, with the Commercial and school wear branding team all based in Inverness. Over the years MacGregor Industrial Supplies has strived to provide a quality product and service to all our customers may it be an engineering firm in the Moray Firth or a hotel is Skye. These values will continue for our new school wear division.

Embroidery and branding clothing has been a growing part of our business, and to provide increased customer service it was natural to bring it in-house. To do this, Dress Code Solutions of Alness was acquired and integrated into the MacGregor Industrial Supplies family of divisions. Part of Dress Code solutions business was the school wear sector providing School Uniforms to for a number of schools across the North of Scotland and it is only right that we continue to provide this service – hence the birth of MacGregor Schoolwear.

Along with the team of embroiderers and machines, behind the scenes we have a dedicated clothing team as part of the main store at MacGregor Industrial Supplies, with a large area devoted to school wear.

With 30 years of business under our belts, the skilled people from Dress Code Solutions and the investment in new equipment, we will do everything possible to succeed and give parents the best quality when purchasing school uniforms for their children.